Live Review: Sticky Fingers @ The Zoo, Brisbane – April 18th, 2013

By Lauren Sherritt
Sticky Fingers have a lot to offer music lovers interested in hearing something a bit different to your average pop and they demonstrated this in undeniable fashion at the sold out Brisbane show of their national Caress Your Soul tour at The Zoo.

Equal mixes dub reggae and psychedelic pop go into the sound created by Sticky Fingers, the unique blend giving their live show a laid back atmosphere that still moves people to dance. The crowd at The Zoo was on average quite young, Sticky Fingers, or Sti-Fi as the band has nicknamed themselves, appealing with to a generation whose media is saturated with candy-sweet pop queens and synchronised, rosy-cheeked boy bands with their dark, humorous lyrics and a slower, dirtier rhythm.

Sticky Fingers earned their burgeoning fame over the past year with releases like Caress Your Soul and Clouds & Cream, both songs receiving a warm welcome from the Thursday night crowd. It was newer release Australia Street that had the audience coming together as one, though, their singing nearly drowning out front man Dylan Frost during the chorus, who couldn’t seem happier with this result.

Sticky Fingers certainly give the impression that playing music for their fans is nothing but a pleasure, all five members giving it their all with barely a moment passing between them exchanging grins. Events that could have seemed problematic were brushed off, Frost’s guitar strings breaking just providing more time for the band to have chat with the crowd in between songs. The audience responded to this enthusiasm in kind, happily standing reverently for the much quieter beginning of the aptly titled Slow then transitioning to the wildest of jumping for the more upbeat numbers.

With obvious talent and a palpable love of making music, Sticky Fingers are a unique offering and a thrill to see live. These young Sydney-siders might well be becoming much better known soon – sugar sweet pop stars beware!

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