Live Review: Northern Brisbane Rollers Derby League – Season Two Bout One

Review: Pepa Wolfe

Roller Derby   Northern Brisbane Rollers Derby League – Season Two Bout One
Love Rockettes vs. Diner Might Dolls
Saturday 17th April 2010 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

It’s official. Roller Derby fever has hit Brisbane. And with the way these girls tear up the track, is it any wonder that the sport/sub-culture is attracting new fans all the time?

With record numbers and a sold out stadium, the crowd is a melting pot twitching with expectation, rows of fans sitting track-side in what commentator Johnny Pistol refers to as the “Suicide Seats”. And with good reason. Just eight minutes into the bout and a pile up almost takes out the front row.

Fifties pin-up dolls with Riot Grrrl attitude, rolling to a rockabilly rhythm, the league is two parts punk with a lashing of retro spunk and a good dose of theatricality.

An all-girl full-contact sport, racing on quad skates around a flat track, the aim of the game is to block opposing point scorers (the jammers) whilst getting your own jammer past the pack. The result is a fast, colourful, bash, crash and dash type game that never lets up.

The Northern Brisbane Rollers come across not only as a passionate League, but a joyous one, with an eclectic mix of personalities entertaining the crowd, and an enthusiasm that is infectious. Sweet Enemy of the Diner Might Dolls is quick to build a rapport with the fans, and the Love Rockettes’ newbie Chastity BeltHer also becomes a crowd favourite.

The buzzing crowd keeps things busy with rounds of the Mexican Wave, and halftime sees the children take over the track, dancing it up to the sounds of Rockabilly outfit Miss Teresa & Her Rhythmaires, while the adults grab a beer and a burger and check out the market stalls.

An extremely close game with the leader board changing frequently, Lil’ Ripper really moves things along for the Love Rockettes, while Diner Might’s jammer Dead Meat not only racks up points, but wows the crowd with impressive speed.

The Diner Might Dolls surge ahead in the end to win the bout 157 – 113.

Roller Derby is really kicking this season and tonight’s bout definitely delivered. If you’re yet to taste the action, attitude, fashion and fracas that is Roller Derby, be sure to get in early for the next meet on May 15th. Loads of fun. Highly Recommended.

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Roller Derby
Roller Derby
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