Live Review – Field Day 2015 – Sydney Australia

Review by Scott Singh
To welcome in the New Year, it was time to visit The Domain for an experience like no other for a little festival known as Field Day. Built upon a great line-up that blends international superstars with homegrown heroes, there is no better way to start the year than partying along to your favourite hits of 2014, with new and old friends.

With a blaring sun beating down upon a sea of hung-over punters, many took refuge in the shade as they checked out the earlier offerings of the festival. Unearthed winner Moon Holiday eased onlookers with her blend of wisp vocals and chilled tones.

For those who were well rested for the day and wanted to kick things off with a bang, Acaddamy stringed samples together over a high octane beat that gave the perfect opening for dancers to let loose. Who cared if it was the very start of the day, the people wanted to party and Acaddamy gave the people what they wanted.

Following the hype that was created by Acaddamy, Kilter was prepared to take it another level higher. Creating live beats to the sounds of the previous year, it was so much easier to move along to a performer who was as energetic as the music they were crafting.

Taking time to venture out and see what else the festival offered, I came across the first decent sized crowd awaiting take to the stage. The Danish electro pop artist showed off her vocals more so than her other talents and that was fine by everyone watching. Clusters of dancers cared not for the heat and purely lost themselves in the pop anthems of this foreign love.

Swiftly heading back to catch the remainder of Thundermentals, the boys had amassed a large following that bopped along in unison to their hip-hop rhythms. The people knew that these boys knew how to party and just like a black hole, no could escape their infectious tunes.

Now nothing can compare to hip hop royalty that is Salt n Pepa. With classic hits such as Push It and Whatta Man, the only unbelievable thing about this duo is that they weren’t the ones closing the night. The duo did everything right from dancing along with fans on stage to throwing back to the best of their hits with a quick timed medley. As idols in the hip hop scene, it was amazing to see that time hasn’t diminished the fire in their performance.

Taking a break from the barrage of quality performances, it was time to grab something to eat, perhaps a drink (or a few) and compose myself under the inviting shade of a nearby tree. Looking around it was great to see so many people filled with the energy of the New Year and really enjoying all that the day had for them.

Moving along, it was time to bounce between stages to catch a few more acts. Firstly Milky Chance soared on the success of the previous year with crowds dancing along to their catchy mix of folk and pop hits.

The Kite String Tangle operated in time with the cooling sun, playing his signature chillwave tracks. It was an inviting change of pace to simply watch a great performer with constant quips to “get moving” or “bounce about”.

Another great Aussie act, Peking Duk must not know the meaning of moderation. With a set that was filled with countless guest appearances, endorsement by Karl Stefanovic and the much beloved Sandstorm performance. I can gladly say they were the most over the top aspect of Field Day. But being a creation of the Australian way, we loved every moment of their set.

Now in the final hours of the festival, Bastille came forth to deliver one of the few very rock experiences of the day. With a blended experience of solemn anthems and uplifting anthems, the boys from across the pond were overwhelmed by the constant cheers and screams by their much loved fans.

Soon afterwards another monolithic rock ensemble appeared, Alt-J needed not the glamour of flashy lights or stage gimmicks. Building a career on their unique sounding music and even more obscure vocalist. The night drew ever closer as we all swayed along to the likes of Breezeblocks, Left Hand Free and Tessellate.

Closing the night was L.A based produce Dillon Francis, whose lighthearted approach to everything came across in his mixes as well. Spinning a majority of his latest release Money Sucks, Friends Rule; those who were game to stay to the very end, drew closer to the stage and gave no regard to any inhibitions. The people came to start the year of with a bang and oh, was it evident on so many faces that night, with clusters of party goers coming together to dance, rave, drop and let loose. The night was truly their sanctuary.

Closing the night Dillon took part in the scared ritual of the shoey before saying his farewell. With that, another installment of the much festival had been done. Running for 14 years straight, it’ll be interesting to see how they top this year with their 15th installment next year.

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