Live Review: Aria Awards 2009 Red Carpet Wrap up

The Aria’s Red Carpet
By: Bek Grealy
Aria AwardsAria AwardsAria AwardsAria AwardsAria AwardsAria AwardsAria AwardsAria Awards
[Photos: Stuart Blythe ]

36 degree heat blistered the red carpet as an entourage of stylish Limousines followed suit to the entrance of the red carpet. The fans eagerly awaited their stars, one hand grasping their digital cameras in anticipation, the other holding a makeshift fan and the odd shout of “Robbie or Keith” could be heard from a distance.

As the stars made their way up the red carpet, photographers, Television production crew and journalists fought their way to the front to capture the moment.

Sarah Blasko entered the red carpet, a shy but confident nominee, having previously received eight nominations and a win for her first two albums, Sarah carried herself beautifully, wearing a simple, but very elegant black number, as she posed for the cameras. Sarah’s third album “As day follows night” has won her another nomination for Aria’s for 2009.

Kate Miller-Heidke took to the carpet wearing a simple flowing long black dress, her hair colored a vibrant orange and her face showing a subtle signs of makeup. Her small frame amplified the beauty of the dress and her porcelain skin was radiant. Kate took out the esteemed International Songwriting Competition for her tune Caught in the Crowd, in May, while her song Can’t Shake it, was nominated for an Apra song of the year award. She is nominated for Aria’s Best Female Artist.

Lisa Mitchell owned the red carpet as she strode straight directly toward the cameras and media crew for a thorough interview with them. She was confident and keen to impress the media. Mitchell wore a hugging purple dress with an array of embossed lightly coloured lilac swirly lines. The dress was interesting; however, it was the shoes that caught the eye. Although the yellow trimming didn’t gel well with the dress, the style and height of the shoes was definitely an eye catcher. Lisa Mitchell has scored her first ever Aria award nominations for her debut album Wonder and single Coin Laundry.

Amongst the Red Carpet, I saw the faces of INXS boys, a trio from Powderfinger dressed to impress, all wearing black dinner suits, and Temper Trap.

I grabbed a glimpse of Josh Pyke as he sheepishly stood for his photo and disappeared toward the Arena. Josh is nominated for Best Adult Contemporary Album and Best Independent Release.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte in her Sass and Bide “summer outfit”, flirted with the media, as did Kate Richie and Bindi Irwin. Consequently Bindi’s vibrant presence did bring a bubble of light to the red carpet. With her care free attitude, big smile on her face and her two thumbs up, she was skipping all the way to the Arena!

Jessica Mauboy posed for the camera’s wearing a cute white body hugging J’Aton dress and Balmain heels, and a magnificent smile to match. She was confident and enjoyed every moment of it.

Luke Steele representing Empire of the Sun, alongside his wife, entered the red carpet in an unusual humble spaceship fashion. Wearing controversial horse hair tagged to his shoulders, white bleached hair, sunglasses mimicking that out of a 3D movie, with a velvet black shirt and tight black pants. “We worked with a white stallion horse on the last video so we managed to get some of his mane and attached it to my jacket…Empire of the sun have scored a Top 20 UK album and two UK hit singles this year and have major onroads into the US market. They are nominated for an Aria for Album of the year for their debut Walking on a Dream.

Bertie Blackman entered the Red Carpet, draped with black baggy material. One of her first singles in 2004 “Favorite Jeans” was a statement of intent. She explained, “with everything being so trend-driven, there’s so much pressure to look fabulous, for me, walking out in my favorite splattered worn jeans is my way of staying true to who I am. She followed that trend on the red carpet with her drab black attire, as she almost appeared emotionless for the cameras. Blackman was nominated for best Independent release for the darkly-tinged electro melodies of her third studio album “Secret and Lies”

I then heard squeals and high pitched yelling, as I gazed over and witnessed a figure emerge from the long white limousine. It was Keith Urban. Keith didn’t stop for the camera’s or even lift his head to acknowledge the crowd. He bounded to the front of the building as if he was in a rush. His attire didn’t really to do much for him either. I assumed he was out to do his shopping for the day. With a flannelette long sleeve shirt (half unbuttoned, revealing parts of a tattoo), black tight jeans, rugged farm boots and a tight black jacket, not forgetting the shaggy hair, Keith did not look dressed for the Aria’s. He appeared lost and confused. Keith was nominated for an Aria for his album “Defying Gravity”, in the category for Best Country Album.

The roaring, screaming and yelling exacerbated as I turned and looked at a man of confidence. Robbie Williams bounded from the limo and headed straight toward the news reporters. In saying that, he walked straight past channel 9 and channel 10 and targeted a blonde beauty holding a mic. It was an amusing sight to see the other stations battle the reporters to get a glimpse of Williams. Ladies lined up around the red carpet jumped on shoulders and screamed out his name, as tears of joy rolled down their faces. Photographers bellowed “Robbie, over here Robbie”, in hope to grab the ‘golden pic’. He continued to target the women reporters as he spoke freely about his time in Australia, his personal life, and what was WIP for Robbie Williams. He darted over to where I was standing so the photographers around me could capture this work of art. Robbie was casually dressed in a Navy blazer and blue jeans; however the 35 year old looked great! His smile beamed and his eyes lit up for the camera’s as he stood motionless, depicting that of a pure music professional.

So that sums up a few highlights for me on the red carpet at the Aria’s. I enjoyed the company, the crowds, speaking to the stars and being in the moment.

Photo Gallery: Aria Awards 2009 – Red Carpet