Live Review: 65daysofstatic + sleepmakeswaves @ The Corner Hotel, Melbourne – 4 January 2013

Review by Billy Geary
As is the case with many bands that are somewhat lesser known, despite being critically acclaimed and possessing a stellar live sound, British four piece 65daysofstatic have taken quite a while to finally make it down under. After over ten years together, the band, with the help of the increasingly impressive Birds Robe record label, it was finally Australia’s turn to experience the quartet in the flesh.

Fresh from a huge 2012, including an ARIA award nomination, Sydney’s sleepmakeswaves were tasked with the role of main support for the entire tour. The quartet has, over the last few years, grown their fan base quite significantly and it showed in the sheer volume of the crowd’s cheers on Friday night as the band wandered on stage. The highlights of the set were opener ‘To You They Are Birds…’ and ‘We Sing The Body Electric,’ displaying exactly why they are considered one of Australia’s best young bands. To the delight of many, the band also showcased a couple of new tracks in ‘Avalanches’ and ‘Freshmaker.’ The former was particularly impressive, being slighter faster paced compared to most sleepmakeswaves tracks whilst still retaining their original sound.

By the time 65daysofstatic made their way on stage, The Corner’s band room was looking quite full – suggesting the night must have been close to a sell out. Without any mucking about, the band launched straight into ‘Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here’ followed by ‘Piano Fights.’ Maybe it was due to the hot weather or maybe it was something else, but it took a good 20 or so minutes for the audience to really get into the set and start moving. It took the excellent double blow of ‘Crash Tactics’ and ‘Dance Dance Dance’ for punters to begin to show some life. On stage however, it was a different story with all four members clearly giving their all as they threw themselves around the stage.

The term dance rock is thrown around a lot these days, however 65daysofstatic are the true embodiment of the sound. As the band moved through their more popular songs, it was impossible not to move along to the music. However it wasn’t until the final two songs of the main set that the energy in the room really peaked. ‘Retreat! Retreat!’ is probably the band’s most popular track and it showed on the night, with the band feeding off the sudden increase in energy throughout the band room. This followed on into ‘Radio Protector,’ which, upon its completion, saw the band given a rapturous applause as they made their way off stage. Despite the ridiculous heat, the punters’ requests for an encore did not go unheralded, as the band returned to the stage for an epic rendition of ‘Tiger Girl,’ the closing track on their latest album We Were Exploding Anyway. The very catchy, very dancey track was an outstanding finish to the night, with both band and fans looking very happy with the night’s proceedings.

It was absolutely boiling in the band room throughout the night, however those who ventured away from their air conditioners witnessed an outstanding night of live music. 65daysofstatic well and truly lived up to their reputation as an outstanding live band, resulting in an utterly perfect introduction to Australian audiences. It was clear on the night that the band has an established fan base in Melbourne, so here’s hoping the Brits return sooner rather than later.

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