Interview with The Vernons ahead of the 4 Walls Festival

LMM: Tell us a little about The Vernons?

The Vernons officially formed in May 2011 with 3 members (Jonny, Andrew, James) from the Gold Coast, and one from Brisbane (Elliot). Jonny Nyst (Lead Singer) had been playing acoustic originals for a few years around the Gold Coast area, and the other members of the band came from playing covers gigs on the Gold Coast for our friends. When an opportunity came for Jonny to play an originals gig with a band, we all leapt at the chance, and The Vernons were born. Since then, we have been slowly picking up momentum, playing shows in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, and just recently Sydney.
LMM: How would you describe your music?

The best way to describe our music is as guitar and vocal driven Alternate Rock with a hint of Blues. Blues is a huge influence on our music, and we try adding it into our sets as much as we can…. that and Rolling Stones.
LMM: You were recently asked to support Wolfmother, how was that experience?

We were lucky enough to be invited to play the ASP World Surf Awards on the Gold Coast alongside Wolfmother and international blues icon ‘Seasick Steve’. We were incredibly excited, not only to play a bill with two huge international acts, but also to play so many of the surfing greats (not to mention it was broadcast online around the world). It was our first real taste of a stage show, and we enjoyed every second of it!
LMM: You’re playing at the 4 Walls festival in August, are you looking forward to it?

Yes Mate! This will be our first multi-stage festival alongside some great bands! We’ve only played with one other band on the bill (Moonshine Sally) and are excited to check out what the other bands have to offer.
LMM: Which other bands at the festival are you excited to see?

Millions, Cub Scouts, The Medics, The Paper Kites and a heap of others. It’s just a good opportunity to hear some sweet sweet music.
LMM: What’s can we expect from The Vernons in the year ahead?

We have recently been working on a couple of singles which we hope to release in a couple months. We are also planning a tour rolling off the back of the singles, but details are yet to be confirmed. Following this, we plan on releasing an EP early next year, and see where the road takes us.

—- Quick Questions —-
:: What track changed your life ::
Sympathy for the devil – Rolling Stones

:: Biggest influence::
Rolling Stones

:: Name a band or artist we should checkout ::
Karl Williams

:: Favourite Quote ::
My god you’re greasy – Homer Simpson

:: Three words to describe the last year ::
Improving, Developing, Astonishing

:: Three for how you feel about the year ahead? ::
Prepared, Eager, Determined

The Vernons will be playing at the 4 Walls Festival – Brisbane – August 4, 2012
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