Interview with Red Revolver ahead of the 4 Walls Festival

LMM: Tell us a little about Red Revolver?

Red Revolver is a young Rock n Roll trio from Brisbane. Our sound is a mixture of many styles and has been described as ‘controlled chaos’. Red Revolver was started with a desire to get people dancing again, which makes our shows fun and energetic.
LMM: How would you describe your music?

It’s a little bit of everything, really. We like to describe it as Indie Rock with a bit of Swing.
LMM: Your debut EP ‘Western Witch’ was released in June 2012 *to much acclaim*. How was the recording process and the reaction to the EP?

The recording process was pretty sporadic; it was recorded in a few weekends over 2 months. It was a huge eye opener and learning experience as it really allowed us to shape our sound.
We released our EP at The Edge in South Bank to a crowd of 250 people. The response was incredible and we’re really happy with the reaction so far.

LMM: You’re playing at the 4 Walls festival in August, are you looking forward to it?

We’re really looking forward to it; we played at the festival last year under a different band name, so getting to play two years in a row is amazing!
LMM: Which other bands at the festival are you excited to see?

Really excited to see Millions, Avaberee and The Belligerents, but the whole lineup in general is very exciting. A lot of great young bands are performing and we’re really excited to be on the same lineup.
LMM: What’s can we expect from Red Revolver in the year ahead?

We’ll be recording a single later in the year, and hopefully heading down to Sydney and Melbourne early next year.

—- Quick Questions —-
What track changed your life ::
Stray Cat Strut – Stray Cats

Biggest influence ::
The Living End

Name a band or artist we should checkout ::
Delta Spirit and Dawes from California are amazing

Favourite Quote ::
My favourite songwriting quote is by Justin Townes Earle, and it is “Only write about what you know.”

Three words to describe the last year?
Fast, ever-changing and full on

Three for how you feel about the year ahead?
Excited, fresh start, motivated

Red Revolver will be playing at the 4 Walls Festival – Brisbane – August 4, 2012
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