Interview with Kim Schifino – Matt & Kim

Interview by Stuart Blythe

New York’s explosive dance punk duo Matt & Kim are heading to Australia as part of the national Groovin’ The Moo Festivals, along with their own headline shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. They’ll travel across Australia through April and May.

Life Music Media caught up with Kim for a chat.

LMM: Hi Kim, you’re heading to Australia to perform at Groovin’ The Moo along with your own headline shows. What can fans expect at the shows?

Kim: We want to give people a party. A night to let loose and forget about anything that has caused their day to be shitty.
LMM: What are you most looking forward to about doing Groovin’ In The Moo??

Kim: We have been to australia a few times now and love it there. I was very intrigued by the idea that Groovin the Moo is in areas that are off the beaten path. I am curious if those shows will be crazier than our shows in the major cities. In the US the towns that aren’t always hit up by tours are the towns where the shows get nuts. For example Salt Lake City is one of the craziest shows. I feel like people who don’t get shows every night are willing to go harder! I like that!
LMM: Do you have any pre-show routines/superstitions?

Kim: I booty dance before i go on stage. It gets me stoked and warmed up. So about a half hour before we hit the stage i throw on some hip hop and drop it low! Oh i also put a cough drop in my mouth before i get on stage…. i don’t know why it just started happening and i feel like if i don’t do it i am going to fuck up!
LMM: Are you looking forward to meeting any other acts at Groovin’ In The Moo?

Kim: Yeah! In the US we don’t have a lot of touring festivals. It seems like you really get to know and hang out with the other acts.
LMM: You played the Big Day Out back in 2011. What are your memories of that visit?

Kim: Man i will say during one of our last shows we convinced the crowd to pick up these giant bean bag like things during our set and then people started climbing up on top of them and flipping on them as the other people below were passing around these giant bean bags. It looked fucking crazy but then the stage managers started to freak out! When we finished playing i found out that those bean bags weighed about 250 pounds. I would of never instigated that if i knew how monstrous they were. I will say no one got hurt and everyone had a blast!
LMM: What’s your favourite/least favourite festival experience?

Kim: Least favorite thing is port a potties on the last day of the festival. Favorite thing is port potties on the first day of the festival!
LMM: Who or what inspires you today?

Kim: I am inspired by people doing cool shit! I see them doing cool things and think “fuck… i want to be doing that!”
LMM: We’re looking forward to your upcoming visit. Is there anything you would like to say to your Australian fan base?

Kim: AUSTRALIA LETS HAVE ONE BIG FUCKING PARTY!!!!!! Can’t wait to be there!

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Matt & Kim