Interview: The Deer Republic – uncharTED top 3 finalist

Interview: THE DEER REPUBLIC – uncharTED top 3 finalist
Author: Elize Strydom

The Deer Republic   Q: Sooo many bands and solo artists entered this competition. Why do you think your music stood out?

Deer Republic: In order to catch fish you need hooks. Once you have the hooks you need fish, luckily enough for us our friends can swim.

Q: Are your friends and family sick of you hassling them for votes?

Deer Republic: No, our instructions were quite clear.
Q. What would life be like if you won?

Deer Republic: We’d never sleep.
Q. Reckon this is just a sneaky short-cut to fame or simply a development in modern music?

Deer Republic: In the company of other bands who compose their own material, we think of it as more of a meeting place for independent music.
Q. Are you feeling completely in awe of your success in the comp so far or quietly confident?

Deer Republic: The comp is out of our hands but we are very confident in our band’s ability and longevity, the chemistry feels right and time is right. We are a bit in awe of all the interview questions though.
Q. How important are competitions like uncharTED for emerging bands?

Deer Republic: There are myriad paths to the same summit, fortunately for us this opportunity presented itself.
Visit to vote for The Deer Republic, and check them out at Tooheys Extra Dry uncharTED competition Grand Final is on Thursday 9th July at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney

Author: Elize Strydom