Interview: Matthew Clark of White Rabbits – First Australian Tour

Author: Denis Semchenko
white rabbitsDenis Semchenko (LMM): Firstly, are you guys looking forward to touring Australia for the first time?

Mattew Clark (MC): Definitely. It’s one of those places that you hope you’ll be able to go to before you die. Added bonus is that we get to play music and not just vacation.
LMM: You’ve played a number of major festivals worldwide and you’re going to appear at both Falls and Southbound festivals in Australia – do you prefer playing festivals or intimate gigs?

MC: I would say we are a club band. We don’t like playing in sunlight too much. Festivals are just a different beast than what we are used to. Also, we tend to go on first when we play festivals. Which means you have to get up mad early, kid.

LMM: Speaking of venue gigs, you’re also playing shows in both Sydney and Melbourne – what can the uninitiated attendees expect at a White Rabbits gig?

MC: “…a genre-blending and exuberant experience with all the touchstones of future mid-level success. I should know, I’m Towné Hauk.” – Towné Hauk.

LMM: Out of tours with Spoon, The Walkmen, The Cribs and Tokyo Police Club, which one you thought was the most fun?

MC: Easily Spoon/Walkmen. We had the rare opportunity of opening up for them every night which was really great. There’s not a single guy in either band I would punch in the face…well, maybe Pete.

LMM: What was it like working with Britt Daniel in the studio during the It’s Frightening sessions?

MC: It was really fun. He has the patience of a saint and especially since he is not a producer by trade, he really stepped up and didn’t half-ass it when we were in the studio. Ultimately, we had the opportunity to work with a friend whose music and taste in music we like.

LMM: How did songs like Percussion Gun and Rudie Fails come about?

MC: Actually, those two in particular were written with a drum loop at first and then we listened to that drum loop for a couple of days until we figured out what to do with them. With these two songs in particular, we tried to write them as a reaction to a lot of music we were hearing at the time.

LMM: Are you going to be playing tracks from Fort Nightly during your Australian tour?

MC: Some. But not too many. And they might not sound like the album version. So I guess I should have said “sorta”.

LMM: What were your thoughts when you played on Letterman?

MC: The first time was pretty crazy. The second time was far more relaxed and enjoyable. It’s one of those things you only think you’ll do once.

LMM: And lastly, what do you think is frightening?

MC: The fragility of the human mind and body. Also, running out of gas far away from a gas station. Both require a lot of independent investigation.