Interview with Logan Bell – Katchafire

Katchafire lead vocalist Logan Bell takes time out with Life Music Media.

LMM: You’ve just completed a massive headline tour of the USA, playing quite a few iconic venues. How was that experience?

Logan Bell: The boys have been touring the USA quite hard for the last 7 years, and it has exploded, reggae scene in the USA is huge, our sound has been excepted among Americans and it’s really started to be noticed. We have sold out iconic venues such as The House Of Blues, headlined festivals like the Orange County Fair, and Sierra Nevada festival… All really big shows and amazing experiences!
LMM: I understand that a documentary is in the making?

Logan Bell: Yes, the band now enjoys annual tours to Brazil. We have a huge fan base there and we took a doco crew last year to show everyone what goes on behind the scenes on a tour to a totally new country. We go into the Favelas the ghettos and visit acting schools. We had a great time. We’re about to release it August 11 2012. Please keep an eye out at for details.
LMM: Your fourth album is enjoying great success, and its title “On The Road Again” pretty much sums your work ethic.
Logan Bell: How do you manage so much touring and retain a somewhat normal existence?
We each have great support systems at home we have whanau families that take care of things while we are touring and keep us sane when we come home… The boys all believe that we have to work hard to be successful in music and our families know this to.

LMM: Does the band do much songwriting while on tour?

Logan Bell: Always, when ever inspiration comes you have to take it… We all have iPads with garage band it’s the main form of idea filing these days…quick and easy
LMM: Your month long Australian tour kicks off in Brisbane late August. What can we expect from your shows?

Logan Bell: This tour will be our largest yet. We are digging deeper into rural Australia and trying to cover as much of the country as we can. We’re playing a special never seen before set, a lot of the songs we have never done in Australia. Surely excited and can’t wait to be there.
LMM: How do Australian audiences compare to other parts of the world?
Logan Bell: Aussie has a special mix of reggae fans, kiwis, and Aussie. The Australian fans are growing in numbers which is awesome to see. At our gigs there are no borders or segregation, we are all as one and when the people unite the crown is electric and second to none.
LMM: Do you have any special memories of past Australian visits?
Logan Bell: Yes, playing the 2010 reggae town Cairns was pretty epic. We played for 25,000 people, headlined along side the John butler trio…
LMM: Anything you would like to say to your Australian fans?
Logan Bell: A massive thanks for all your support over the years. Thanks heaps for buying our music coming to shows buying Merch. We would be nothing without you…
See you soon and keep the fire burning.


—- Quick Questions —-

:: Which bands did you grow up with ::
Marley, Tosh, Steel Pulse, Level 42, Motown soul

:: Name a band or artist we should checkout ::
Allen Stone

:: Three words to describe the last year ::
Epic, triumphant , relieving

:: Three words for how you feel about the year ahead ::
Woosah, mountain , positive.

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