Interview with Gossling (aka Helen Croome)

gosslingGossling’s debut EP ‘If You Can’t Whistle’ has garnered plenty of attention, with the track “Days Are Over” becoming part of Triple J’s staple play list in recent times, and “He Knows My Love” being used in the Triple J ‘Unearthed’ promos. Gossling’s (aka Helen Croome) tracks were discovered by Triple J after she drew attention as an Unearthed artist.

Gossling(HC) chats with LifeMusicMedia (LMM).

LMM: Hi Helen, tell us about your first Australian tour to promote your new EP ‘IF YOU CAN’T WHISTLE‘?
HC: The band and I are played a few shows in Melbourne and one Canberra to begin with in March and we have plans to tour the rest of the country later in the year. I’m really excited to get out to more cities and play some regional dates also.

LMM: Do you have a favourite track that you’ve written? If so, are you thinking of making any musical video clips?
HC: My favourite track from my EP would be ‘Trailed’. I seem to have the strongest emotional connection to this track and I love performing it live. I would definitely love to make a video clip one day. It’s on the list of goals for the future for sure.

LMM: How would you describe “Gossling”?
HC: Musically, Gossling is sweet and tender. Lyrically, Gossling is emotional but direct. And live, Gossling is uncontrolled and sincere.

LMM: How did you feel when you heard that Triple J was playing your tracks?
HC: Incredible. The support Triple J has given my track ‘Days Are Over’ is amazing. I am very thankful. I struggle slightly to listen to it when it comes on the radio as it makes me feel a little sick hearing myself.

LMM: Do you write the majority of the music and lyrics or is this a group Gossling effort?
HC: I write all of the music and lyrics and when the song is ready for a full band arrangement I’ll take it to the guys. Sometimes I’ll know exactly what I want from each instrument and sometimes they’ll help with their own parts.

LMM: Does your family have a musical background? What inspired you take up music as a profession?
HC: No my family aren’t really musical, however they are big music listeners. There wasn’t really one thing that inspired me to take up music as a profession. I guess when I was studying at university I realised that I had found something I loved, it was fun and rewarding and I thought “yep, I’ll stick with this”. I’m lucky to have had huge support from my family, which has allowed me to make it a profession.

LMM: If you could “Jam” with any person or band, living or dead, who would it be and why?
HC: I would love to jam with Stevie Wonder. Just to sit in the same room and hear him pull out that vocal sound would be incredible. If he only let me hit a cowbell once every 4 bars I would be euphoric.

LMM: Who’s your favourite singer / songwriter and why?
HC: My favourite singer/songwriter would be Damien Rice. His album ‘O’ shifted my ideas on songwriting and introduced me to a delicate, emotional style of writing. He is an incredible lyricist and his arrangements are staggering. And live, he is awe-inspiring.

LMM: Where do you draw inspiration for your music?
HC: I draw a lot of inspiration from my friends and the people who surround me, which they are probably unaware of. I’ll also draw inspiration through film and the character’s relationships.

LMM: Tell us a secret… unappealing habit, biggest disappointment, happiest moment???
HC: I am proud to be a fan of Meatloaf.