Interview: Australian based pop band… STRAY


Australian based pop band Stray formed in Sydney at the end of 2006. Sharing the same passion for Pop music, they combined their talents and blended a mix of 80’s funk inspired bass lines, organic feel of RnB and the current Electro Pop/Rock dimension to create the Stray sound.

Life Music Media caught up with the duo *Alessandro Gaudiosi (Lead Vocals, Synths), Phil Lombardo (Drums, Synths)* to find out more about STRAY!

Hi guys, can you tell us a little about “Stray”?

  Well, we are a 2 piece duo who just love pop music. we love to write it, produce it and most of all perform it-

We have just released our EP titeld ‘Sex, Love and Neon Lights‘ which features 5 tracks inspired by the great Michael Jackson and Prince. We really inspirie to write and perform music which has a commercial feel to it and I guess thats what Stray is all about in a nut shell.

What inspired you both to take up music as a profession?

  The funny thing is, both of us relate on so many levels, especially with why we are doing this. Apart from watching our idols like Michael Jackson, Prince etc we think back and it was really the feeling, the goose bumps that an applause can give you. Nothing can really emulate it. The first time I felt this… Like an addiction, I wanted it again and again. The other element of music that really got us hooked was song writing. You know that your meant to be doing this when your always waking up and all your thinking about is a melody or a lyrical hook. Song writing is the perfect way to express yourself but also opens a whole new world of emotion… very soothing. You write on how you feel and then go up on stage and share it with people who appreciate it. Nothing beats that for us.

You’ve recently self produced your debut EP “Sex, Love and Neon Lights”, tell us about the experience.

  Yeah wow… A lot of hard work. You need so much patience… The song writing part isn’t even the hard part. It’s to get the overall sound to where you want it to be. We are perfectionists so it took us a while to get to the level that we aspired for. Most of the songs went through numerous changes and mixes. Don’t get me wrong, id do it all over again… Just without the mistakes lol We learnt a lot and that is extremely important… To grow as musicians on all levels.

What was the most important thing you learnt from the recording process?

  Compromise… You don’t always agree so finding the middle is important. You need to know what’s best for the song and back up your reason. We are pretty good at this…

What can the uninitiated attendees expect at a Stray’s gig?

  You can definitely expect a lot of energy…. We are very inspired by flamboyant performers so we use that inspiration on the stage to give our audience a total experience. It’s not just about our music live, our showmanship offers them a visual representation as well. Musicianship is important to us but also a sense of Intimacy. We like to have close connection with our audience.

Of all the Australian festivals, which would be your ultimate gig?

  Big Day Out no doubt… such a multi genre event. Music lovers flock for a good live show regardless of the music.

What does the next 6 months have in store for “Stray”.

  Stray is working on expanding our live show but also getting our music out there to a new audience. We are in the process of recording a new EP which we are hopeing to release in January. Right now though, radio play is a priority.


What or who is your favourite…

Live Act :: Michael Jackson
Album :: BAD Michael Jackson
Track that changed your life :: Billie Jean
City to play in :: New York
Movie :: Grease
Gadget :: Iphone
Food :: Italian

Sex, Love and Neon Lights - StraySex, Love and Neon Lights – Stray