Fight the Sun – Goodbye Gravity (Official Video)

Off the back of the release of their frenetic debut self-titled EP in February, Melbourne’s Fight the Sun have returned with a blistering new music video for their single ‘Goodbye Gravity’. Capturing this electric band dynamic on camera, the music video is a great snapshot of Fight the Sun operating at full force.

‘Goodbye Gravity’ was an easy highlight of the Fight the Sun EP, with its crashing guitar riffs and throttling rhythm section providing an unrelenting force of rock music unto the listener from first playback. Working with Tom Larkin on the record at Homesurgery Recordings in Melbourne informed some of the way ‘Goodbye Gravity’ – and the EP as a whole – came to settle and finesse itself in the end.

“The song started out very differently, very sludgy, Black Sabbath-y. It obviously isn’t now; usually something sounding like that is a great thing but in hindsight, it definitely changed for the better. What the song really means to me though is that it signified a turning of the corner, a new beginning, a new chapter.” – Adrian Kluke, Fight the Sun

Crafting music that has positioned the band within the embraces of the Melbourne rock community favourably this year, Fight the Sun have continued to strive forward with confidence. Combining Biffy Clyro-esque riffs with a manic energy that marked Muse’s early work, Fight the Sun’s influences are strong, but so is their individuality when it comes to making Australian rock music that doesn’t give up its bite.


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