Ezekiel Ox releases hard-hitting new single ‘Policeman’

ox promoEzekiel Ox has never been one to mince his words. From an early age, he learnt that when we see injustice, we point it out, and fight it. He is not a man on the sidelines. Ox fights through his music and poetry but also through his actions on the street as a busker and activist and a voice in and for the community and country he lives in.

Every musical project he has fronted, has acted as a vehicle for protest lyrics and used as a platform to inform and incite. His solo music career so far has been short, but no different.

His brand new single, Policeman, is a protest song in his own, and a long line of other artists’ traditions (think Rage Against the Machine’s “Killin’ in the Name”, N.W.A’s “Fuck the Police” and Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power”). Controversial, and hard to hear for some, his lack of patience with Police brutality, racism and corruption is laid bare in this jam.

Once again the track is crafted using only beat-box, loop station and vocals. The lyrical content is barbed, pointed, Zeke having witnessed and experienced first hand Police violence on the streets of Melbourne, Perth, LA and Brisbane. Ezekiel has performed and spoken at protest rallies against Police Violence against Indigenous people and spreads the word about the failed Aboriginal genocide in his spoken word shows.

The track is the second part of the Double A-Side release (also featuring “The Past, Present and Future”) that he is taking on tour with him from here on out, starting with the King of the North shows in Northern NSW and QLD.