Essick release video for ‘Ghost Towns’

Essick began life as a bedroom solo project for Ravi in 2011, and Freddy needed a bass player for his band. The two friends found common musical ground and began working together on Ravi’s bedroom tunes, unaware that these songs would become Essick’s first release.

The first single ‘Ghost Towns’ is a song driven by a love of spiky, staccato riffs, intricate drum patterns and dexamphetamine. With a frenzied chorus and bouncy vocal delivery, the track has an accompanying video clip, equally exciting, haunting and literally dangerous.

The video was shot over the course of three long nights with Brayden Doig behind the lens. They scouted the scariest possible locations around Brisbane including the abandoned Wacol mental asylum, an abandoned animal research facility, a deserted Myer Center from the 1960’s and a fabled underground tunnel known as the Aquacave.