Deanna Petcoff – “Terribly True” (Soundcloud)

Embarking on her solo career, Deanna Petcoff has released her first single “Terribly True”.

Deanna explains,
“Terribly True” was inspired when I realized that it wasn’t the person I was seeing who I was in love with – it was the idea of being in love itself. I was trying so hard to make them happy that I forgot to check in with myself and my truth. What I found when I finally did was so painful to come to terms with… I think everyone feels that at some point, and it’s really hard to articulate when you feel like the antagonist of your own story. It’s also hard to admit that you’ve been lying to yourself, but I think there’s importance in the act of admitting that out loud and sitting in that feeling for a moment. It’s a very vulnerable place, and vulnerability is my favourite place to write from.