Danny McGinlay – Food Dude

Danny McGinlay – Food Dude

This is one of the most unique and original shows in the festival, setting out to prove you don’t need to be a master chef, to be a food dude. Danny is a ball of positive energy and dynamic recipes you too can cook when you are drunk, and what surreal recipes they are like Party Pie Parmagiana, which appears to be a party pie fried in puff pastry with pasta sause or multi cultural sushi from the new world, which contains Twisties! Oddly enough Danny is so likable he convinces the audience to try his culinary delights, though some were so experimental only Brian the sound engineer, who looked suspicious;ly like he was starving, was game enough to taste it.

Danny cooks live on stage in a most uncoventional way including cooking chops in the toaster and chocolate cake in a cup, after the first night they had to disable the smoke alarm, as Danny, being a true portrayal of a drunken chef, tends to forget he’s cooking untill the fire brigade arrive. Which they did on opening night.

It was very intimate as Danny discussed other drunken recipes with the audience, including other comedians who came to see what all the fuss was about. One person suggested green pancakes with smarties, and after a while theses recipes start to sound almost edible. Strange experimental cooking combined with Danny McGinlays wonderful stories and great comic timing is a winning combination.

Danny has been wowing them in Brisbane with performances at the Sit Down Comedy Club, now he returns to his home town
to turn up the heat on the gas cooker.

It’s a very bizzarre show from a very talented man and if you are game, you may even get a free meal with your laughter!

Melbourne Comedy Festival
April 1st – April 26th