Daniel Lee Kendall… will have you ‘Lost in the Moment’

Lost In the Moment - EP - Daniel Lee KendallLost In the Moment – EP
  Daniel Lee Kendall, (DLK) a young outstanding singer songwriter from the Central Coast of New South Wales wooed crowds at the prestigious Big Sound Festival in Brisbane, that performance kicked off a short run of introductory live intimate performances by this newly discovered independent artist. The exceptionally talented singer song writer will be revealed nationwide via his debut EP ‘Lost In the Moment’ (out on Redcat Sounds via MGM on October 1st).

Discerning music lover’s ears are already primed with the title track from the EP added to the national youth broadcaster triple j last week. Daniel was Unearthed by triple j in July this year, and as part of the Unearthed program he won a spot on the popular Coaster Festival which takes place in Gosford later this month.
One listen to Daniel Lee Kendall will spark enthusiasm as ‘Lost in the Moment’ sits brilliantly in a picture perfect summer setting, drawing the listener in with sweet melodies and the most infectious of tunes! The experience of an evening spent drinking wine and enjoying the company of fine friends and musicians alike encouraged him to pen a song. The nagging inspiration for which so many artists yearn had hit its mark and from there the textured lyrical landscapes and measured melodies that distinguish Daniel’s style began to pour forth.

Working in his studio (a bedroom on the Central Coast of NSW) has been a hub of creativity for some time for Daniel. The absence of an additional set of hands to press play and ears to steer sounds, while at times frustrating for the young songwriter was valuable to developing the uniqueness of his style, a sound which truly is something special to behold. There is a decidedly romantic quality attached to the image of an introverted, tinkering whiz kid who started writing and recording alone in his own space. He had the luxury of time to experiment, to try and try again, to make mistakes and test new things. This kind of liberation is too seldom an option and DLK puts it most deftly himself:

“I found it really invigorating; to hear a song evolve and grow from an idea to a finished recording right in front of me was really satisfying. I would often start recording a small part of a song, and then see where it would go once I had the instrumentation & ‘feel’ of the song. Being able to record & write simultaneously gave my writing a lot more momentum. I also feel liberated to try things that I may not if someone else was in the room.”

The next stage was to recruit a producer, step in Woody Annison from Redcat Sounds studio in Melbourne who put the finishing touches to the recording. The ‘Lost in the Moment’ EP is an artfully crafted sampling of Daniel Lee Kendall’s shy brilliance. Clever and at times lush, almost orchestral arrangements gain momentum, evoking a warm and yet at times an awkward place. The staccato notes of title track reign in the vivid imagery of the first pangs of love. For the eager there is to be found elsewhere the drum machine anchored ease of ‘The Point in This?’ and the calculated guitar driven meanderings of ‘Gorgeous’. These songs showcase a diverse, adventurous and highly intelligent songwriter. However, for his savvy musical stylings and truthful lyrical content; Daniel’s true power lays within his voice, the quality of which is stirring.

LostLost In the Moment – EP – Daniel Lee Kendall

Upcoming Shows:
Oct 14 2010 – Melt Bar

Oct 21 2010 – The Sandringham

Oct 22 2010 – The Gearin Hotel

Oct 23 2010 – The Brass Monkey

Dec 29 2010 – Peats Ridge Festival
Central Coast, NSW, AUSTRALIA