Dan Sultan @ Old Museum, Brisbane – 19 July 2011 | Live Review

Review: Lauren Sherritt

  The night of the nineteenth of July was a cold one in Brisbane, but the crowd heading to Dan Sultan’s sold out show at the Old Museum knew that things would soon heat up for them. The charismatic singer has a reputation for putting on a pretty fantastic show, and the scores of fans were counting on him making the trek out into the cold worthwhile.

The night was kicked off by Brisbane musician Loren, who won the crowd over with his endearing sincerity. Admitting to and laughing about his own nerves from the beginning, his earnest songs and stunning voice had audience members swaying in their seats, each song rewarded with a louder cheer.

After nearly a full hour of playing hits from his new record as well as older numbers and a couple of covers, Loren left the stage, excited himself to watch Sultan’s performance. Excitement in the crowd grew as the tech crew set up for the main event. As the lights dimmed and Sultan took to the stage, audience members hurriedly returned to seats, where they would remain transfixed for the remainder of the evening.

The first thing to strike you about Dan Sultan on stage is that he’s funny. Not in an over the top way designed to make audiences laugh out loud, but with an intelligent subtly that is the source of his renowned sex appeal. Cocky in the way a performer can only get away with when they truly deserve to be, Sultan oozes unlikely charm, then stuns with talent. Stripped back without his regular band, Sultan solo is full of edge and passion. His voice resonates with emotion, an honesty which can’t be taught captivating his audience.

The Brisbane audience relished in this special opportunity to witness Sultan’s talent, and as he alternated between guitar and piano they were not disappointed. At one moment, Sultan would have the crowd cheering with familiar numbers such as Old Fitzroy and Your Love is Like a Song, the next they would be on seat edge, eyes tearing, as he crooned through tender and heartbreaking tracks Roslyn and Get Out While You Can.

With an inevitable standing ovation ending the night, there was no doubt amongst the thrilled audience that what they had witnessed was something special, and well worth the trip into the cold night. Dan Sultan’s talent filled performing is a thing of joy to experience, and as he earns his reputation as one of Australia’s best musicians.

Review: Lauren Sherritt