Cult Of Luna @ The Tivoli, Brisbane 12 February 2009

cultofluna Cult Of Luna
Swedish post-metal masters!
Presented by: Scorpion Entertainment by arrangement with Live Nation

Post Metal Masters, Cult Of Luna are heading to Australia for the very first time this February!

Cult of Luna was formed in 1998 by guitarist Johannes Persson and vocalist Klas Rydberg in Umea, Sweden.

Their sound has progressed from being heavily doom metal influenced to one much less aggressive and more about orchestration which falls into a sub-genre known as post-metal. CoL are at post metal’s forefront along with contemporary such as Neurosis, Pelican and Isis. The band also cite Radiohead and Pink Floyd as major influences.

The best way to describe Cult Of Luna sonically is with adjectives. Long, Slow, Repetitive and Crushing! Heavy sections of distorted guitars are often interspersed with orchestral moments and extended, post-rock-esque excursions of both light and dark. No verse, chorus, verse formulas here rather an evolving soundscape that often moves towards climactic crescendos leaving you breathless.

Cult Of Luna are known for their stunning live shows and will be showcasing their talents to Australian audiences with performances from their deep back catalogue as well as with material from their fifth release, 2008’s conceptual masterpiece, ‘Eternal Kingdom’ their heaviest and darkest offering yet.

The concept behind Eternal Kingdom is complex, dark, and challenging. It is based around a diary the band discovered in their new rehearsal space which is on the site of a long demolished mental institution. The diary was from one of the inmates and was titled ‘Tales from the Eternal Kingdom’. Inside was the ramblings of the man as he explained how he had been wrongly imprisoned for killing his wife. He created a completely fictional world involving half man/half animal creatures and a character called Ugin who he blamed for his wife’s death.

The album has gained worldwide critical acclaim for it’s uniqueness and intensity.

Be sure to spend an evening with Cult Of Luna. It’s an experience that will stay with you long after the last note has resonated into the darkness.

Thursday, 12th of February, 2009
Doors open at 7:30 PM
Rating: General Admission / Standing / Adults Only

Cult of Luna – Fire was born teaser on YouTube