To celebrate the three decades that the Choirboys have existed, the original line up will come together to launch their 30th Anniversary at the Metro Theatre in Sydney on SATURDAY 14TH AUGUST, in support of their ‘Never Gonna Die, The Very Best of’ album release (distributed through Warner Music). This is the first time in 20 years that Mark Gable, Ian Hulme, Lindsey Tebbutt, and Brett Williams have played together.

Choirboys are an essential part of the Australian culture having penned one of this countries unofficial anthems ‘Run To Paradise’. They epitomise the essence of the Australian pub culture scene and have secured their place in Australian music history and are viewed by many as the quintessential Australian rock band.

This year, 30 years ago, Choirboys started at founding member Mark Gable’s home in Church Point on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. Armed with a little 4 track studio set up, the boys put together a demo that would lead them to a recording deal with the Alberts label – the home of ACDC. This was the year that the Choirboys started the journey that lead them to the hearts of the Australian public and the pages of Australian music history.

It is fact that Choirboys have been entertaining the young and old for 30 years, that they have sold multi-platinum albums and that they have survived. Choirboys have achieved legendary status in Australia and not just because of longevity. When they play live – they deliver time and time again. That’s why they stay around. As Mark Gable puts it: “We bloody love it. Choirboys is exactly the kind of band that I always wanted to be in when I was a kid, so why not keep on doing it. It’s way too much fun and the fans are still with us”.

With their music embedded in Australian culture, with hits such as ‘Run to Paradise’, ‘Boys Will Be Boys’, ‘Struggle Town’ and ‘Never Gonna Die’, Choirboys are part of Australian history. The band has found their way into our hearts, ears and minds and they will be a part of our lives for a long time to come.

DATE: Saturday 14th August

TIME: 8.00pm

TICKETS: $40 – Available through Ticketek and Metro Theatre