Children Collide ‘Theory Of Everything’ Tour – September 2010

  In a move set to unite theorists and mystics of the world, Children Collide return with their highly anticipated second album, Theory Of Everything (out 27 August 2010).

The Theory of Everything, a piece of theoretical physics that attempts to explain all the fundamental interactions of nature and the universe, has formed the title for the album.

Whilst the divine powers of the tarot’s major arcana inspired the Melbourne bands latest album.

Not that such an apparently schizoid blend is anything new for the band. “We’ve had a little of that going on since we began writing songs,” explains vocalist and guitarist Johnny Mackay. “Alchemy and chemistry, reason and religion, love and logic. Art and music are so often about tying opposing forces together into a contentious dualism. Contradiction is a big part of what we do.”

Indeed, with this confident follow-up to 2008’s The Long Now, the band effortlessly contradict all the music business’ superstitious mumbo jumbo about syndromes and slumps of the sophomore variety. Working with one foot in LA with producer Rob Schnapf (Beck, The Vines, Elliott Smith), and the other in Melbourne with Paul ‘Woody’ Annison (Red Riders, Cabins, Young Revelry), they’ve crafted an album crackling with energy and smarts. Finally, the whole package was wrapped in stunning artwork by up and coming Sydney artist, Emily Hunt.

The first single ‘Jellylegs’ is off to a flying start with The Age declaring “Jellylegs (????), their new single, suggests their coming second album…will rule the world. Bring it on”. The infectious track was also the most requested on triple j’s daily ‘Super Request’ show for an entire week.

Theorists and mystics won’t be the only natives excited by this release, with the band launching the Children Collide Singles Club. By joining the singles club via and pre-ordering Theory Of Everything, fans can get their sticky hands on two brand new album tracks (before the general public) plus three never before released bonus tracks. Hell, for one simple splurge, fans can receive the whole kit and caboodle including:

• A ticket to see Children Collide on their national headline tour
• A copy of Children Collide’s new album Theory Of Everything on MP3 or CD
• Three bonus tracks – never before released
• Two brand new album tracks – before the general public
• Children Collide ‘Singles Club’ 12” vinyl – not available in stores
• Children Collide tarot cards

The Children Collide Singles Club will send members everything, including the ticket. The club offers different options for different folks and is set to launch on 12 July 2010, so get amongst it and head to for further information.

As Theory of Everything begins to take the shape of anticipation in the ears and imaginations of eager listeners, Children Collide will embark on the Theory of Everything national album tour to reveal some of the records more spontaneous intricacies.

Few acts are fully in possession of that genuine ability to enrapture audiences time and time again. Children Collide, ferocious in their conquest to flail about stages, have justified the strong reputation that precedes them as one truly unique and entertaining live entity. The year 2010 has already yielded considerable success from the stage in the form of extensive international touring and a triumphant (if short) headline run throughout June. Children Collide’s album tour will now lift the figurative lid on a whole world of mystic delights (of the sonic variety of course). In support duties on this thrilling bill will be Ballarat’s favourite bratty sons Howl. Theory of Everything’s lengthy string of dates coincides with the liberation of the record, nary stopping for breath but giving audiences a chance to ingest the songs before taking the live plunge.

Tour Dates:

1 Sept 2010 Pier Live (The Pelly Bar) VIC Click here to Buy Tickets – Posse/Moshtix
2 Sept 2010 The Corner Hotel VIC Click here to Buy Tickets – Posse/Moshtix
3 Sept 2010 The Corner Hotel VIC Click here to Buy Tickets – Posse/Moshtix
4 Sept 2010 Hotel New York TAS Click here to Buy Tickets – Posse/Moshtix
5 Sept 2010 Republic Bar & Cafe TAS Click here to Buy Tickets – Posse/Moshtix
10 Sept 2010 The Zoo QLD Click here to Buy Tickets – Posse/Moshtix
11 Sept 2010 The Northern NSW Click here to Buy Tickets – Posse/Moshtix
15 Sept 2010 Club Coffs NSW Click here to Buy Tickets – Posse/Moshtix
16 Sept 2010 Fitzroy Hotel NSW Click here to Buy Tickets – Posse/Moshtix
17 Sept 2010 Metro Theatre NSW Click here to Buy Tickets – Posse/Moshtix
18 Sept 2010 Wollongong UniBar NSW Click here to Buy Tickets – Posse/Moshtix
23 Sept 2010 Karova Lounge VIC Click here to Buy Tickets – Posse/Moshtix
24 Sept 2010 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel SA Click here to Buy Tickets – Posse/Moshtix

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