CD Review: Mapletons – “Origami Army”

Review: Victoria Nugent

Mapleton's   Mapleton’s Origami Army is an infectiously cheery blend of indie pop tunes that bring a smile to the face and make the listener want to sing along.

Mapletons started life as a duo with guitarist Derek Orr and keyboardist Kane Mazlin winning national songwriting awards. When Mazlin left to pursue other musical avenues, rather than abandoning Mapletons,

Orr rallied around the creative hub to create a new line up, with Anita Goldsworthy on keyboard and lead vocals, Carl Roosmale-Cocq on bass and programming duties, and Mitch Clark on drums.

The music is uncluttered allowing the melodic unison of vocals to shine, with Anita Goldsworthy’s emotive tones carrying each song.
The EP starts off with the ultra cheerful “Today We Play”, and continues on a whimsical note with songs such as “Seaside”, reminiscent of summer romances, and “Mondays”, a relatable tune about the pain of starting the work week.

The current incarnation of Mapletons is fresh from 2009, when the band went through significant line-up changes. Since that time the band have already turned heads around the country with their twee blend of technicolour pop folk supporting Howling Bells and Whitley.

Mapletons seem set for big things, with the music video for “Seaside” in production, and the track “Gunpowder” featured in upcoming indie film “Jucy”.

With an air of innocence and light-heartedness, Origami Army is pure unadulterated fun, pretty music for summer days. It’s a great indie pop EP for those who want to jump on the bandwagon, before it starts to get crowded.

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