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Live Review | Roxette @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre – 24th February 2012

Review by Lauren Sherritt
Twenty-three years ago, on the week I was born, Roxette topped the Australian charts with smash hit The Look. Little could I have known then that over two decades on I would be watching the Swedish duo, still full of pop-energy and sing-along-able choruses, playing that very song to a crowd of over ten thousand of their most dedicated Australian fans.

The second Brisbane show of Roxette’s first Australian tour in over sixteen years was kicked off by tour companions 1927. Crowds poured into Brisbane’s Entertainment Centre, saturated by the heavy rain outside, excited to see this first rate band smash out old favourites If I could and That’s When I Think of You. Singer Erik Weideman dedicated the ever moving Compulsory Hero to those serving in the armed forces and it was clear to see that the audience were touched. It was easy to get a sense of Weideman’s excitement to be touring with Roxette, his schoolboy smile and the bounce in his step leaving no sense of playing things rock’n’roll cool, and as he left the stage his energy infected the already super-hyped crowd as they waited for the band to appear.
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(Hed) P.E. @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane – 2nd February 2012 | Live Review

Review by Kenada Quinlan
M.C.U.D (Hed’s Jahred Gomes) stops to briefly meet and greet fans at the back of the line before piling into a minivan and fleeing the scene, permitting the venue doors to slide open.

Kid Crusher’s loyal horror masked comrade drops dirty bass under his allegedly shocking lyrics. Spitting rhymes and perfected deep throated howls cause the few ‘in the know’ to bounce to his semi-interesting blend of rap and vinyl induced metal noise.

With the venue filling steadily, Sydney’s RECOIL takes the stage and unleashes their brand of fierce double kick driven metal. Musicianship is precise, complex guitar work in order. Stunning vocals propel from centre stage, refreshing the senses. Giving away a free band Tee encourages further movement in the front row, while nods of endearment multiply during their all too short but sweet residency.
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