Blue King Brown “Worldwize” Album Review

Review By Jose Eduardo Cruz

  After what has seemed like an eternity, almost four years, Blue King Brown finally drop a new album. The wait was definitely worth it because instead of one album BKB dropped two albums. Northside, a roots/reggae dancing compilation. Southside, a dub driven experience.

Recorded in the legendary Jamaican studio Tuff Gong which now houses the Bob Marley museum, this album has the genuine feel of a legitimate modern reggae album. It may have been the surroundings in which it was made or it could just be that BKB have now truly established themselves as international stars.

The magical thing, and something that kept popping up at me while I listened, was that this album could be from anywhere, it could have been made by some over seas band, but instead it was made by a band that started in Byron Bay and continue to be independent. The fact is that BKB have perfected their sound so much that this album has the international appeal to really set them up for the next stage in their careers. I always get very excited and proud that Australia can still produce high calibre bands to export to the rest of the world.

A handful of the songs on offer many would have already heard live. “Say Peace” and “Moment of Truth” have been a part of BKB’s set for well over two years. It is interesting to finally get them on a recording as there are elements in both songs that tend to get missed when they are played live.

The one stand out song from amongst this great collection is “Our Word is our Weapon”. The title is in reference to the title of a collection of writings from Subcomandante Marcos, the leader of the Zapatista movement from Chiapas Mexico and their overall revolutionary motto. Heavily percussive and Latin driven, “Our Word is our Weapon” is everything that BKB are, worldly, provocative, colourful and danceable.

Having seen and reviewed their shows for the last three years I am pleased that new material will make its way into their set. I for one am very excited about what the new material will bring to their already energy packed and vibrant live performances.

Blue King Brown “Worldwize” – Released 20 August 2010

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