Blame Ringo – “At The In-Between” [Single Review]

Review by: Victoria Nugent

  Blame Ringo’s new single At The In-Between is one of those songs that sneaks into your head, and has you singing along before you know it. The energetic track is a tantalising glimpse of things to come on the band’s second album, due out later this year.

At The In-Between is an upbeat slice of indie rock with harmonious, yet catchy lyrics and a sound almost reminiscent of the sixties. The guitar riffs are impressive, and the drumming strong, resulting in the kind of song that makes you want to stop and listen.

The Brisbane band was initially named Goodnight Vienna, until Ringo Starr intervened, claiming prior ownership of the name, which is the title of one of his songs. Forced to change their name, the band decided to give a mischievous nod to the reason behind the change. The band has shown this cheeky style throughout their career in a number of ways. For instance 2009 saw them do a tour with a difference, playing in Laundromats along the east coast. The video clip for the song Garble Arch was an internet sensation, gaining attention for its portrayal of a day in the life of Abbey Road.

Unusually enough, At The In-Between is the only song on the disc, with none of the usual supporting tracks present on a single. This was quite disappointing, as I would have liked to hear more of what the Brisbane band has to offer, and get a bit more of a glimpse of what to expect from the boys in the future. That said, if At The In-Between is anything to go by, the album is sure to be memorable.

It’ll be interesting to see if the band’s style changes at all after the departure of their drummer in May. The now three-piece is made up of Pete Kilroy, Ross Pearson and Jessiah Cocks, and is set to tour with Montpelier in July as well as playing at Red Deer Music Festival on June 26.

Blame Ringo have much more than a cool band name going for them. At The In-Between is a stunning example of what they’re capable of, and I think we’ll be hearing a lot more of them before the year is out.

At At The In-Between – Blame Ringo