Black Label Society – ‘The Song Remains Not The Same’ – Album Review

Review: Lana Harris

Black Label Society – The Song Remains not the Same
(Outtakes from the Order of the Black Recording Sessions).

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  Taking its cues from the ballad style tracks which were flung through Order Of The Black, The Song Remains Not The Same is half unplugged reworking of tracks seen on Order of the Black and half new material, including a Christmas carol (sans words) to round out what is essentially an album of power ballads .

The recording begins with a stripped-back-to-basics version of ‘Overlord’. The new version still sounds great, reminiscent of a listening experience post concert with the band at 3am in a hotel room with only acoustic guitars. The brief solo is played

impeccably and marks this song as Black Label Society rather than a cover version of the track which it could otherwise easily be mistaken for.

The album then floats on to unplugged versions of ‘Parade of the Dead’ and ‘Riders of the Damned’. ‘Parade of the Dead’ lays claim to the only truly ripping solo on this album and ‘Riders of the Damned’ is almost unrecognisable as a half haunting, half soothing rendition of the original incarnation. Each of the reworked tracks are stylistic opposites of those on Order of the Black, with recognition most easily facilitated by the lyrics. The only exception is the ‘Darkest Days’ reworking, which is called the ‘John Rich album version’ but sonically is the shorter twin brother of the original, with few differences barring length.

‘Junior’s Eyes’ leads the way for the previously unreleased tracks portion of the album. The song features Zakk Wylde on piano accompanied by both solo and harmonised crooning. As do all the other previously unreleased tracks which follow. The mellow, soothing pace is maintained right through to the closing notes of ‘The First Noel’.

The lack of power riffage on a BLS offering is disappointing, but understandable in the context. You certainly wouldn’t put it on to get pumped for a night out, but The Song Remains Not The Same demonstrates the breadth of Zakk’s musicality through showcasing his ability to write tracks that sound good whether played as blistering or at a slow burn.

Review by: Lana Harris

The Song Remains Not The Same - Black Label SocietyThe Song Remains Not The Same – Black Label Society

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