Andrew McMahon @ Metro Theatre, Sydney 12 February 2011 [Live Review]

Review: Amy Lee Freshwater

  Being a Jack’s Mannequin fan, and an even bigger Something Corporate fan, I was eagerly looking forward to seeing frontman Andrew McMahon perform a solo show at the Metro this year. Notably, so were quite a few others as the Metro was packed to its borders with people ready to sing their night away in one massive choir, which is exactly what they did…

All equipped with a beautiful black grand piano, a corona and a small budda sitting on top and Bobby Anderson assisting on acoustic guitar and backing vocals. McMahon began the evening with a Jack’s Mannequin song contrary to an audience members request of ‘The Lion King’, a comment which McMahon was quite amused by. We heard As You Sleep, followed by Crashin’ and then Swim, which by now had both McMahon and the crowds vocal chords well and truly warmed up.

Styling for the night in suit pants and a collared shirt, the addition of thongs to this outfit shows Andrew McMahon although only flying into the country a couple of days prior, has already adapted to the Australian way. Next we were treated with She Paints Me Blue, from the Something Corporate album ‘North’, from which we had the pleasure of hearing quite a few tracks from. Personally my favourite and most well known album, so for me this was fantastic, it seemed the rest of the audience were also quite pleased with the set list choice.

McMahon did throughout the show what I think every solo artist should do in this type of acoustic and intimate setting, told the stories of the songs, where they came from, when they were written, their meaning. It gives the fans a way to really connect with the performer and the song and really adds a special touch to this kind of show. Andrew McMahon is clearly a seasoned and talented musician, he glided along the piano keys as if they were merely and extension of his fingers and is this very exposing atmosphere, his vocals were effortless and unmistakeably smooth.

A given in most shows of this nature is a cover song, and we were not disappointed on this occasion, McMahon covered Bruce Springsteen’s ‘I’m On Fire’, McMahon was on a roll, most definitely on fire, so an appropriate choice really. He went on to play in his words “a brand fucking new song”, Restless Dream was the name and it was received soundly, a new album on the way? Myself and everyone else who has seen him on this tour sure hopes so.

McMahon tells of the song 21 and Invincible “the song that was released did not have the original lyrics”, so he goes on to do the song, with the original written lyrics, a nice dynamic to the set. He went on to play both Something Corporate and Jack Mannequin songs including the popular singalong La La Lie.

Leaving the stage to an applauding, whistling and loud audience, no lights came on so we knew we were going to be treated to an encore performance. A 3 track encore including a song from his acoustic guitarist Bobby called Hollow and an all class finish to the evening with Dark Blue, probably the most requested song throughout the night. The audience left smiles on faces, hands in hands, every girl absolutely besotted by McMahon and his romantic performance.

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