Alexisonfire – Aussie Tour 7inch [Album Review]

Review: Ben Hosking

  We all like to feel special sometimes. You know, when your loved one showers you with praise for looking more dapper than usual or those ever-rarer moments when the boss makes an example of you for a job well done. The art of releasing tour-specific singles, EPs or albums with bonus discs is certainly nothing new and there’s little better way to celebrate an impending tour of your favourite band than with a disc full of new or previously unreleased songs. Alexisonfire decided their recent Australian tour was just the kind of event that deserved such a release.

Initially put out on an actual 7in vinyl disc, only 700 units were released and as you could imagine, rabid fans of the Canadian scream act snapped them up in minutes. Not wanting any of their fans to feel left out, the group recently released the two new tracks on iTunes so everyone could enjoy them – and make a few extra bucks.

The “Aussie Tour 7inch” includes two tracks: cover songs of two iconic Australian bands, Midnight Oil and The Saints. A pretty faithful rendition of Midnight Oil’s “Dead Heart” rolls out of the speakers, immediately reminding us all that Peter Garrett would be far better off quitting the puppetry of his cabinet position and going back to music full time. The messages spoken through the lyrics are still completely and sadly relevant today. While I think Alexisonfire play it a bit too close to the original, it’s nice that they should have chosen to play the track live on their tour.

“I’m Stranded” sounds like it was recorded live in a dressing room somewhere on the road, which interestingly seems to fit the theme of the old Saints track really well. Ultimately the two tracks together serve more as a way to appease fans than anything else – which is nice in this day and age where most bands are forced to think of little more than the bottom dollar thanks to dwindling album sales and poor label support.

Support Alexisonfire and jump onto iTunes now and grab yourself this nice little combo of Aussie classics as performed by a bunch of Canadians. You know you want to.

Aussie Tour 7inch - AlexisonfireAussie Tour 7inch – Alexisonfire

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