Album Review | The Jezabels – The Brink

JezabelsWhen The Jezabels’ released their debut LP Prisoner in 2011 it quickly received critical acclaim. The success of Prisoner elevated the band to new heights, and with that raised success came extensive touring – both nationally and internationally.

In January 2014, The Jezabels’ will release their new album The Brink, and a solid offering it is. Recorded in London and produced by Dan Grech-Marguerat (Moby, Scissors Sisters, Radiohead, Lana Del Rey, The Vaccines, The Kooks), the band have refined elements of their sound and strengthened the clarity, bringing a more natural live show feel to the album. Moving through soaring highs and delving brooding lows and back again, the album seems to reflect the bands inner space and mindset. Introspective, romantic, reflective.

If you’re already a fan of The Jezabels or someone new to their music, The Brink is an album worthy of a listen and worthy of a spot in your music collection.

Review Score: 4 out of 5

The record is out this Friday 31 January, through MGM.

The Jezabels_THE BRINK_COVERThe Brink Tracklisting

1. The Brink (4:47)
2. Time To Dance (4:39)
3. Look Of Love (4:01)
4. Beat T o Beat (4:16)
5. Angels Of Fire (4:03)
6. No Country (4:33)
7. The End (4:00)
8. Got Velvet (4:26)
9. Psychotherapy (4:44)
10. All You Need (4:58)