Album Review: The Delta Riggs – Talupo Mountain Music Vol.II

By Meghan Player
After the success of their break through track, ‘Counter Revolution’, The Delta Riggs bring their contagious and energetic take on rock & roll to their new EP, ‘Talupo Mountain Music Vol. II’.

Self-produced and cut in a single live session, the band blast through your speakers – from opener, [the aforementioned, ‘Counter Revolution’], to the downright funky, swinging sounds of ‘Used To Be My Baby’.

‘Money’ draws from the mid 60s, early 70s rock and roll that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a Led Zeppelin album. The infectious chorus and relatively simple tempo of the track would make any listener feel the need to get up and dance.

Following track ‘Mary’ blends a smoother, mellow and sexier sound than the previous offerings – demonstrating not only the bands unique style and personality, but their ability to transition and move between amazing sounds and melodies.

‘Billy Black’ ultimately blends everything that is formidable about the rock and roll genre, and delivers a cracking tune from the get-go. Undoubtedly, this track would be well paired with a fast car and an open highway.

Unsurprisingly, this is a near perfect EP from The Delta Riggs. The melodies are memorable, the sound is infectious and the versatility of the band is undeniable. Without a doubt, this EP was meant to be played, and meant to be played loud.

By Meghan Player

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