5 Things You Didn’t Know About Musician Oly Sherman

Touring throughout Sydney from September 2019 showcasing his new EP ‘Three Oh Three’, we asked OLY SHERMAN to share 5 things about himself that we didn’t know.

1.     Most of my family is from New Zealand. I spend quite a bit of time there growing up and I would really love to go back even more. I would love one day to have a little studio set-up over there in the South Island. The dream would be to consistently go back there to make music, and ski in the off time.

2.     My dream one day is to own a tiny little studio in either Amsterdam or London, where I would live and write/produce music to my leisure. Ideally somewhere with an absurd amount of sun. I’d also like to be joined by a Golden Retriever of my own (I’ve always wanted one).

3.     Before becoming a musician, my sights were set on becoming a physiotherapist or something to do with sports science! I had always been interested in this type of work, and who knows, maybe one day music might lead me there!

4.     I’m a huge English Premier League fan and spend most weekends watching the games. I’m a big Tottenham Hotspur fan at heart and follow them week-in-week out pretty religiously. I’ve been to see their games every time I head back to the UK, definitely something that will always be passionate with me!

5.     Lastly, It’s definitely a thing, but I don’t think I can go through a full day without getting at least a cheeky hour or two in the sun! I don’t feel like I can get enough done with my day or be able to concentrate on anything at all really If I don’t. So I make it pretty crucial for myself to make time to do this one little outside thing!

Friday 6th September The Lansdowne Sydney
Supporting Slum Sociable
Saturday 7th September Golden Age Cinema Sydney
Supporting Liquid Time
Thursday 12th September Lord Gladstone Sydney
Friday 27th September Coogee Bay Coogee
Saturday 5th October Yulli’s Brews Alexandria
Wednesday 16th October Lazybones Sydney
Saturday 26th October Low 302 Sydney
Wednesday 6th November Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney
YH Presents Sounds on The Terrace

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