2high Festival @ Brisbane Powerhouse, 12-13 November 2010 [Festival News]

  — 2010 Vision: Stir the sleeping system. Observe it rumble, roar, push, pull, tremble, hiss, sigh… breathe. You are the missing part. Rewire its senses. Awaken the Machine.

2high Festival is Australia’s one-of-a-kind multi-arts experience for young emerging artists and cultural producers.

Backbone Youth Arts presents 2high Festival, now in its 17th year. Over two days in November, Brisbane Powerhouse will be engulfed by 2high Festival — a showcase of the highest calibre of Australia’s young emerging artists. Interactive displays of art, live music, performance and everything in between will bring to life 2high Festival 2010.

Each year 2high Festival is coordinated by a new team of young dynamic arts producers, each mentored by industry practitioners. This year is no exception welcoming 12 fresh faces to the 2high Festival alumni.

With so many great minds combining to Awaken The Machine, this year promises to be the most inspiring year yet. And we are happy to report it’s still completely free.

2high Festival’s evolution
Founded in 1993 by former Backbone Youth Arts Artistic Director Susan Richer, 2high Festival offered women the opportunity to act in key decision-making roles in the arts industry. Today, many movers-and-shakers in the arts world are women and as such, 2007 saw 2high Festival evolve to welcome both young men and women into the mix.

Evidently, evolution is a strength of 2high Festival, and over 17 years the event has morphed into the mammoth machine it is today — an unprecedented opportunity to showcase the highest calibre of Australia’s young emerging artists.

The meaning behind the name
2high Festival’s name is a short, sharp way of describing the Festival’s process and is taken from a circus move called ‘two high’ where a performer stands on another’s shoulders. The move acts as an analogy for the mentoring aspect that is central to 2high Festival’s process.

Each year the Festival is organised by a new, fresh group of coordinators aged between 18 and 26. These coordinators work in collaboration with industry mentors and Backbone Youth Arts to deliver on all aspects of the Festival. We’re talking from ignition to blast off.

Two high is also a metaphor for the enhanced ability to see ahead that someone gains from a raised vantage point. This foresight is something that 2high Festival prides itself on, as time and again the Festival showcases the next wave of arts practitioners to the Australian public.

Event: Backbone Youth Arts
Venue: Brisbane Powerhouse
When: 12-13 November 2010
This is a free event!

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